Friday, September 10, 2010

The Last Few

I'm getting really, really into movies. I've got a giant list of ones I want to see or rewatch sometime soon. Here's the ones I've gotten to so far and how I feel about them.

1. 500 Days of Summer- seriously changed my life. Helped me discover a lot about my own past history and made me fall in love with Zooey Deschanel. Of course, I am already in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and have always thought he embodies my dream guy, but I was wrong. Tom, his character, is my dream. Great movie, great soundtrack, FANEFFINGTASTIC cast. A.

2. Almost Famous- have always been intrigued by this movie, but just finally really watched it. So so good. I love Cameron Crowe movies anyway and this being semi-autobiographical made it so much more interesting. Simple and sweet set in the most perfect time period in musical history. My favorite performance? Jason Lee. Billy Crudup was good too, but Lee really had soul. Vastly appreciated the guest appearance by Miss Zooey. A-.

3. Sleepers- most disturbing movie I've seen in a while. I even lost sleep over this, despite the title. And I like disturbing movies! Splendid acting, and actually my favorite Robert DeNiro performance ever. Good story, crazy that it was partially true. The only thing I really didn't like at all was Minnie Driver's role. I like her and all, but her character served no purpose except to add a female to the film. B+.

4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High- disappointing. I love Cameron Crowe, as previously mentioned, but I thought this was a little hokey. Lots of boobs, not enough content. Sean Penn was super creepy. Overall, pretty disappointing, but a few okay roles saved it from being a total doozey. C+.

5. Say Anything- Made me love John Cusack. I thought this was a super cute story, even with the cheesy 80's music blasting from that boom box. Ione Skye is a gorgeous girl and I really loved her character and the portrayal of her relationship with her father. This is another Crowe film, right? B.

6. Stop-Loss- Okay, so I wanted to see it because of Jiggle (JGL). It turned out moving, but the acting performances were not fantastic. I really am not a fan of Channing Tatum or Ryan Phillipe. Or that chick he left Reese for. Still a pretty thoughtful story, and the whole idea of the Stoploss program is something that was brought to my attention. C.

More coming sometime I'm sure.

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